The Observatory for the Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians (OIDAC) in Europe recently published their 2021 report.

They documented more than 500 hate crimes against Christians across 19 countries in Europe last year.

Around 300 were acts of vandalism such as graffiti, desecration, and other property damage. Around 80 were theft, stolen religious objects, consecrated hosts, and other church property.

Around 60 were arson or attempted arson, 14 were physical assault, and 4 were murders.

The report highlighted the “chilling effect among victims” and denounced the lack of media coverage.

The report says the problem lies in the idea that “Christians cannot be discriminated against in Europe because they are in the majority.”

“While minorities can be more vulnerable to discrimination, it is a wrong and unsubstantiated belief that majority groups cannot be discriminated against, as history shows. Rather than numbers, it depends on which groups have more power to shape the political discourse, to discriminate, insult, or attack a certain group without facing the consequences. At the same time, it is important to differentiate between cultural Christianity, which is still a majority in Europe, from those practicing Christians.”

Read about their 2020 report here, which found a 66% increase in anti-Christian hate crimes.

Pray for persecuted Christians!


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