In an unprecedented event last Thursday night, a man forcefully tried to breach Vatican City’s security. He executed this attempt by recklessly steering his Fiat Panda through the Vatican gates. The incident occurred at the Sant’Anna Gate, one of the main entrances to the city-state.

Security personnel, including members of the Swiss Guard and the Vatican Gendarmerie, were present at the gate. They initially denied the man, identified as Simone Baldovino, entrance due to his failure to produce appropriate authorization. Undeterred, Baldovino quickly rerouted his car and sped through the security controls, successfully penetrating the two barriers.

As the 40-year-old man drove his vehicle onto Vatican territory, shots were fired in an attempt to impede his progress. Despite the gunfire targeting his car’s tires, Baldovino pressed on, reaching the San Damaso Courtyard. This area serves as the central plaza of the Apostolic Palace and is generally reserved for visiting heads of state and government officials.

Here, Baldovino was finally intercepted and apprehended by members of the Gendarmerie Corps, the Vatican’s police force. Following his arrest, he was promptly evaluated by medical professionals from the Vatican’s Directorate of Health and Hygiene. They diagnosed him to be in a severe state of psychophysical disarray, indicating significant mental and physical distress.

Baldovino was detained overnight in the Vatican’s jail before being interrogated further the next day. In light of his medical assessment, the Vatican Magistrate decided to move him to Santo Spirito in Sassia Hospital. This facility has a specialized psychiatric ward where Baldovino was to receive mandatory medical treatment.

Several media outlets have reported an unexpected motive behind Baldovino’s actions. Reportedly, he sought to share visions he had of the devil with Pope Francis. Despite the gravity of his claimed visions, he carried no weapons or explosives. This bewildering incident has left the public intrigued about the mental state and motivations of the intruder.

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