Pope Francis is set to host over 100 comedians from around the globe at the Vatican on June 14.

The event will include renowned US figures like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Whoopi Goldberg.

According to a Vatican statement, the meeting is planned as a celebration of “human diversity” and will aim to promote peace, love, and solidarity through humor. The encounter promises to be a “significant moment of intercultural dialogue and of sharing hope and joy.”

Other notable attendees include Jim Gaffigan and Conan O’Brien, who share a Catholic upbringing. Jesuit Father James Martin, known for his former role as chaplain on “The Colbert Report,” is the only clergy member listed among the participants. In addition to American celebrities, the audience will also feature comedians from Italy, the UK, Ireland, and other countries.

Pope Francis has previously said there is a “significant impact that the art of comedy has on the world of contemporary culture.”  

During an interview with the Italian Catholic television channel TV2000, Pope Francis said, “A sense of humor is a grace that I ask for every day.”

Editorial credit: Alessia Pierdomenico / Shutterstock.com
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