In a recent address, Pope Francis shared an update on his health, revealing that he is recovering from “very acute infectious bronchitis.” Despite this setback, the Pope’s enduring spirit remains evident as he continues to fulfill his duties with his characteristic resilience and humor!

The Pope humorously remarked to his audience, “As you can see, I am alive.”

However, he has been advised against traveling to Dubai for the COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference due to concerns about the extreme temperature changes affecting his bronchial condition.

“The doctor didn’t let me go to Dubai. The reason is that it’s very hot there, and going from the heat to air conditioning is not convenient in this bronchial situation,” he explained.

During a seminar on “Ethics in Health Management,” at the Vatican, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of health, emphasizing its strength and fragility. He expressed his appreciation for preventative medicine, saying, “I like preventive medicine very much because it prevents before events occur.”

The Pope’s health has been closely monitored following a CT scan at the Rome Gemelli hospital, which thankfully ruled out pneumonia. While he no longer has a fever, his treatment with antibiotics continues. This recent health scare is a reminder of the Pope’s previous challenges, including the removal of part of his right lung due to pleurisy in his youth.

Despite feeling under the weather, Pope Francis has maintained a busy schedule, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his responsibilities. His situation has drawn international attention and concern, but his continued engagement and leadership offer reassurance of his steady recovery.

Pray for the pope’s health!


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