In a recent audience with the International Theological Commission, Pope Francis emphasized the crucial role of women in the Church, calling for a rethinking of the Church’s approach to theology to include the feminine perspective.

The Pope’s comments, made to a predominantly male audience, underscored the need for a deeper understanding of “what woman is” and “the theology of womanhood,” which he described as essential to fully comprehending the Church itself.

Pope Francis candidly expressed his concern over the current state, describing the “masculinizing” of the Church as a “great sin” that needs resolution. He stressed the importance of recognizing the unique capacity women have for theological reflection, which differs from that of men.

“Women have a different capacity for theological reflection than we men do,” he said, highlighting the necessity for more female representation in theological discussions.

The Pope pointed out the imbalance in the Commission, noting that only five of the thirty-plus theologians were women. He urged the Commission to reflect on the Church as both woman and bride. “Demasculinize the Church,” he said, emphasizing the need for a shift in perspective that values the insights and contributions of women.

Despite his ongoing respiratory issues, which recently led to the cancellation of his visit to the COP28 environmental summit in Dubai, Pope Francis delivered his message with conviction. He handed over his prepared remarks, opting for a more spontaneous address that resonated with his audience. Monsignor Piero Coda, the Commission’s general secretary, echoed the Pope’s sentiments, underscoring the need for a shift in the Church’s culture to address modern challenges and the prevailing male-dominated view.

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