Pope Saint Simplicius

Pope Saint Simplicius reigned when the last of the western Roman Emperors fell in 476 a.d.. He defended the action of the Council of Chalcedon against the Eutychian heresy, labored to help the people of Italy against the marauding raids of barbarian invaders. He worked to maintain the authority of Rome in the West.

Saint David of Wales

Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and perhaps the most famous of British saints. Unfortunately, we have little reliable information about him.

Pope Saint Hilarius

Pope St. Hilarius (d. 468) had been a trusted aide to Pope Saint Leo the Great. Papal legate. As pope, Hilarius confirmed the work of several general councils, rebuilt and remodeled many churches, fought Nestorianism, and held several Councils at Rome.

Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

Saint Gabriel (Confessor) was born in Assisi in 1838, was guided by Our Lady into the Passionist Institute and became a veritable Apostle of her Sorrows. His life was throughout perfect and irreproachable. He died at the age of twenty-four and many miracles to his holiness. He was canonized by Pope Benedict XV, who gave him as a pattern to young people.

Saint Porphyry of Gaza

At the age of twenty-five, Saint Porphyry of Gaza (d.420), a rich citizen of Thessalonica, left the world for one of the great religious houses in the desert of Sceté. In 393 he was ordained priest and intrusted with the care of the relics of the true cross; three years later, in spite of all the resistance his humility could make, he was consecrated Bishop of Gaza.

Saint Ananias

Saint Ananias was a missionary, martyr, and the patron of St. Paul. A Christian in the city of Damascus, Ananias was commanded by Christ in a vision to seek out Saul, the future Paul. It was he who cured his blindness and baptized St. Paul.

Blessed Thomas Maria Fusco

Blessed Thomas Maria Fusco was an Apostle of Charity of the Most Precious Blood, a friend of boys and girls and young people and attentive to every kind of poverty and human and spiritual misery.

Saint Polycarp

Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr, lived in about 69-155 A.D., and was the Bishop of Smyrna, Izmir in modern Turkey. He was the leading Christian figure in Roman Asia Minor. He is an important link between the tradition of the Church stretch from the apostles to the 2nd century church. 

Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter

The feast of The Chair of Saint Peter commemorates Christ’s choosing Peter to sit in his place as the servant-authority of the whole Church. 

Saint Peter Damian, Doctor of the Church

Saint Peter Damian, Doctor of The Church, (988-1072) must be numbered among the greatest of the Church's reformers in the Middle Ages, yes, even among the truly extraordinary persons of all times. In Damian the scholar, men admire wealth of wisdom: in Damian the preacher of God's word, apostolic zeal; in Damian the monk, austerity and self-denial; in Damian the priest, piety and zeal for souls; in Damian the cardinal, loyalty and submission to the Holy See together with generous enthusiasm and devotion for the good of Mother Church. He was a personal friend of Pope Gregory VII.

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