Saint Michael de Sanctis

Discalced Trinitarian priest, Michael de Sanctis (1591–1625), known for his devout life, Eucharistic adoration, and ecstatic experiences during Consecration.

Saint Mary Cleophas

Saint Mary Cleophas was one of the “three Marys” who followed Our Lord and stood at the foot of the Cross on Calvary and who went to the tomb.

Solemnity Of The Annunciation of The Lord

God has become one of us. From all eternity God had decided that the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity should become human.

Divine Mercy Sunday

During the course of Jesus' revelations to Saint Faustina, He asked on numerous occasions that a feast day be dedicated to the Divine Mercy, celebrated on the Sunday after Easter.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle (1651-1719) was a priest, educational reformer, and founder of Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He is a the patron saint of teachers. He is considered the founder of the first Catholic schools.

Saint Crescentia Hoess

Saint Crescentia Hoess (1682-1744), known for joy and peace amidst suffering, devoted her life to faith and service in a Franciscan convent.

Saint Vincent Ferrer

Vincent Ferrer, "Angel of the Judgment," fortified the Church amidst schism through fiery preaching, emphasizing repentance and divine judgment.

Saint Benedict the Moor

Canonized Franciscan friar, former slave, and hermit leader, Benedict the Moor is the patron saint of African-Americans (1526-1589).

Saints Agape, Chionia, and Irene

Three sisters martyred in 303 AD for owning Christian texts and rejecting pagan sacrifices under Diocletian's decree.

Saint Francis of Paola

Saint Francis of Paola, Minims founder, advocated for humility, perpetual abstinence, and poverty, aiming to live hidden from the world.