Saint Edmund, King and Martyr

Saint Edmund: A teenage king who courageously defended his faith and throne, enduring martyrdom for his unwavering beliefs.

Saint Agnes of Assisi

Saint Agnes, devoted sister of Saint Clare, defied worldly forces to embrace a life of unwavering faith and spiritual leadership.

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, R.S.C.J., a Catholic Religious Sister, dedicated her life to teaching and serving in the Midwestern United States.

Saint Hugh of Lincoln

Saint Hugh of Lincoln, renowned for his sanctity, led England's first Carthusian monastery and was a key figure against the 1190-91 persecution of Jews.

Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland

Sainted English princess, Margaret, escaped to Scotland, marrying King Malcolm, blending love and refuge.

Saint Albert the Great

Saint Albert, patron saint of scientists, integrated Aristotle's philosophy with Christian theology, and mentored Aquinas.

Saint Lawrence O’Toole

Saint Lawrence O'Toole, born 1125, became Archbishop of Dublin in 1161, diplomat to England, died 1180.

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Born in Italy, Frances Cabrini founded a charity order and was the first American saint.

Saint Josaphat of Polotsk

Saint Josaphat of Polotsk, an Eastern Rite bishop, is held up as a martyr to church unity because he died trying to bring part of the Orthodox Church into union with Rome.

Saint Martin of Tours

Saint Martin of Tours was a soldier turned monk, who became a bishop advocating for peace.