Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa, born in Skopje in 1910, dedicated her life to serving the poor. Her unwavering faith and compassion earned global recognition, culminating in beatification in 2003.

Saint Peter Claver

Saint Peter Claver dedicated his life to aiding slaves in Cartagena, baptizing 300,000, and became a beacon of hope and morality in challenging times.

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino dedicated his life to faith, preaching in troubled times, serving the needy, and performing miracles, becoming a guiding light for many.

Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud, a revered Merovingian prince, renounced royalty for monastic life. After facing familial tragedy and demonstrating miracles, he established a monastery in Nogent in 560.

Saint Matthew the Apostle

Saint Matthew, one of the twelve Apostles, authored the first Gospel in Aramaic, targeting his Palestinian peers and emphasizing a spiritual Messianic Kingdom.

Saint Eustace

Saint Eustace, a Roman general transformed by a divine vision, faced trials for his faith and is venerated by hunters, often depicted with a stag.

Saint Januarius

St. Januarius, bishop of Beneventum, miraculously survived torture. His congealed blood, preserved in Naples, liquefies thrice annually, symbolizing hope and protection against calamities.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Saint Joseph of Cupertino, revered for his levitations, exemplified deep faith and simplicity. Canonized in 1767, he's a beacon of hope for many, especially the challenged.

Saint Paphnutius

Saint Paphnutius, once persecuted, returned as a beacon of faith, advocating for clerical marriage traditions at the Nicaea Council. His legacy is celebrated on September 11th.

Most Holy Name of Mary

Following Jewish custom, Mary was named eight days post-birth. The Feast of the Holy Name of Mary comes after her Birthday, similar to Jesus after Christmas.