Saint Anna the Prophetess

Saint Anna the Prophetess recognized Jesus's significance when many overlooked Him. She stood by Mary, embodying grace, guiding her during formative years. Their bond exemplifies unwavering faith.

Saint Raymond Nonnatus

Saint Raymond Nonnatus (1204-1240) was delivered by caesarean operation when his mother died in childbirth. Hence his name "non natus" (Latin: not born). He is the patron saint of expectant mothers and midwives because of the nature of his own birth.

Saint Jeanne Jugan

Saint Jeanne Jugan (1792–1879) Foundress of the Little Sister of the Poor in 1879, there were 2,400 Little Sisters of the Poor. Jeanne died later that same year, on August 30. Her cause was introduced in Rome in 1970, and she was beatified in 1982 and canonized in 2009.

The Passion of Saint John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist: A life of solitude, a voice for repentance, and a tragic end due to his brave stance against powerful wrongdoers.

Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine, bishop and Doctor of the Church, is best known for his Confessions (401), his autobiographical account of his conversion. The term augustinianism evolved from his writings that had a profound influence on the church.

Saint Monica

Saint Monica, the mother of the great Saint Augustine, is the patron saint of married women, born in 332 in present day Algeria to Christian parents.

Pope Saint Zephyrinus

The pontificate of this first third-century pope was to see a storm of heresy rage around the pontiff, who had to keep a firm hand on the tiller of Peter's barque.

Saint Louis

Louis IX of France, a just ruler, fearless warrior, and saint, embodied the era's Christianity. He prioritized his subjects and God's glory. Born to Louis VIII and Queen Blanche on April 25, 1214, in Poissy, he was the eldest son and was christened there.

Saint Bartholomew the Apostle

One of the Twelve Apostles, mentioned sixth in the three Gospel lists (Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:14), and seventh in the list of Acts (1:13). Traditions represent St. Bartholomew as preaching in Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Armenia, Lycaonia, Phrygia, and on the shores of the Black Sea.

Saint Rose of Lima

St. Rose of Lima (1586-1617), first canonized saint of the Western Hemisphere, known for deep piety, sacrifice and advocacy against exploitation in Peru.