Saint Ananias, a seminal figure in early Christianity, played a pivotal role in the spiritual awakening of Saul of Tarsus, later known as Saint Paul. Ananias’s story is interwoven with the early Christian community in Damascus, documented by Saint Luke as the first Christian congregation beyond Palestine. This community, possibly predating Antioch’s, emerged merely five to six years after Christ’s ascension, organized around Ananias, a charismatic and devout leader. They were known by various names, including Followers of the Way and Disciples, highlighting their devotion and communal identity.

Ananias stands out as the first named spiritual leader outside Jerusalem in Christian texts, signifying his importance. Described as merciful, reputable, and god-fearing, he is believed to have been among the 72 disciples, a native of Damascus recommended by the Apostles to lead there. His ministry extended to central Syria, underlined by his proficiency in Latin, which was instrumental during Saint Paul’s testimony before Proconsul Felix.

His martyrdom came under the orders of Roman Governor Licianus Mucianus, who condemned Ananias to death by stoning outside Damascus. His grave became a site of memorial, later encompassed by a monastery that medieval Arabic writers frequently mentioned.

Ananias’s most distinguished act was baptizing Saint Paul, following Saul’s transformative vision on the road to Damascus. This baptism not only marked Saul’s conversion but also signified the beginning of Paul’s missionary journey. Ananias, having fulfilled his divine mission, met his martyrdom in Eleutheropolis. His residence, transformed into a sanctuary, remains a testament to his enduring legacy and a center of religious veneration. Through his actions, Saint Ananias not only shaped the early Christian church but also fostered a legacy of faith that continues to inspire.

Photo credit: Gmihail via Wikimedia Commons
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  1. Oh St. Ananius, pray for me and my family as we encounter uncertain times. Take all sickness and disease from my house. Help us to never worry about tomorrow or dwell on the past. Please God help us all! Amen!

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  3. dear lord let my grandson be converted and baptised like paul thru thhe intercession of st ananias today and that he accepts jesus as his lord and savior and be deliverd and released from substance and mental illness that is in his life and bind him to jesus mary and joseph and all the angels and saints, also take care of his parents and give them the strenght and financial aid to protect and take care of him, i ask all this in the name of jesus.amen amen and amen.jesus i trust in u and mama mary increase my faith,

  4. May the love of Christ take hold of me
    May the light of Christ shine in my heart
    May the love of Christ flow through me like a river
    and then
    May the love of Christ take hold of him/her
    May the light of Christ shine in his/her heart
    May the love of Christ flow through him/her like a river
    We pray it for our own self, then a stranger, then an enemy and finally for our own self again. Change is laid down by a succession of fresh experiences of love. In our prayer of blessing and befriending something real happens.
    Saint Ananias, pray for us!


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