Saint Agabus the Prophet, one of the seventy disciples, and martyr. The seventy disciples were chosen by the Lord to go before Him to preach the gospel. St. Agabus was with the twelve disciples in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, and he was filled with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.

He received the gift of prophecy, as the Acts of the Apostles tells us, “And as we stayed many days, a certain prophet named Agabus came down from Judea. When he had come to us, he took Paul’s belt, bound his own hands and feet, and said, ‘Thus says the Holy Spirit, so shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man who owns this belt, and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.'” (Acts 21:10-11) This prophecy was fulfilled. (Acts 21:17-36)

He also prophesied about a famine on all the earth, and this was fulfilled during the time of Claudius Caesar, the Roman Emperor. (Acts 11:27-28) He preached the gospel together with the holy apostles. He went to many countries, teaching and converting many of the Jews and the Greeks to the knowledge of the Lord Christ. He sanctified them by the life-giving baptism.

This moved the Jews of Jerusalem to arrest him, and they tortured him by beating him severely, and putting a rope around his neck, and they dragged him outside the city. They stoned him there until he gave up his pure spirit. At this moment, a light came down from heaven. Everyone saw it as a continuous column between his body and heaven. A Jewish woman saw it and said, “Truly this man was righteous.” She shouted in a loud voice, “I am a Christian and I believe in the God of this saint.” They stoned her also and she died and was buried with him in one tomb.

Photo credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
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  1. My only plea dear is that you help me to lead a holy life. Am always touched each time I read the life history of the saints n it often leaves me in tears.

  2. St. Agabus on this holy day at the start of the penitential season please pray for and bring comfort to little Ella Reid in her fight against brain cancer and her famly. In Jesus Holy Name!

  3. Oh St. Agabus pray for my family, friends, coworkers and myself as we embark on this lenten season. Oh Lord, please intercede my life. Take away all my fear, anxiety and troubles of mind. Please let me never forget you are with me. Amen

  4. Saint Agabus, pray for my family. Give us all the courage and strength to move through Lent with the conviction to our Lord and Savior. Especially my children; please help them to think of the sacrifice Christ gave for us, and allow them to place it into their own daily lives with conviction and passion for our Lord. Help them to Love strong and embrace the Love of God in return. Amen!

  5. Glorious St Agabus, prophet and disciple, do not let my faith be weakened by my fears of what the future will hold.


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