The Holy Virgin Martyr Anysia lived in the city of Thessalonica during the reign of the emperor Maximian (284-305). Upon the death of her parents, who had raised her in Christian piety, St Anysia sold everything she owned, distributing her riches to the poor, and she began to lead a strict life of fasting, vigil, and prayer.

[Fervent in her love for Christ, she often said: “Oh, how false is the life of youth, for you either scandalize or are scandalized. Better is old age; but sorrow overcomes me because of the length of time that separates me from heaven.”…When sleep overcame her she would say to herself: “It is dangerous to sleep while my enemy keeps vigil.”

During his persecution against Christians, Maximian issued an edict stating that anyone had the right to kill Christians with no fear of punishment. Soon there were many bodies to be found in cities, towns, and by the roadside. Once, when St Anysia was on her way to church, a pagan soldier stopped her and demanded that she come along to the festival of the sun to offer sacrifice. St Anysia gently pulled herself away from him. When he soldier boldly grabbed her and attempted to tear the veil from her head, she shoved him, spit in his face and said, “My Lord Jesus Christ forbids you!”

In anger, the soldier ran her through with his sword. Those gathering over her body wept and loudly complained against the cruel emperor for issuing an edict that resulted in the death of many innocent people. Christians buried the martyr near the city gates, and a chapel was built over her grave.”

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  1. I so love sharing daily, The Saint of the Day. I never get more than one or two likes but I continue to do it for my mostly Catholic friends in the hope that someone, someday will be inspired to give our Catholic Faith a second chance. God bless you all and may all have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas Season and New Year. ???

    • God bless you Linda. The words quoted of the saint really speak to me today. You’re not alone Linda, we’re just all separated at the moment with digital computer walls. I think about a lot of my friends too. It bums me out how they haven’t any faith, or if they do, it’s guided by the wind. Then a person I don’t know much, comes up to me after church, tells me about some woman whose son died of cancer. The kid’s name was Jared. I think of my struggles, then I think of Jared, who is literally an implicated thought in my head, for, I don’t know Jared, and never met or saw a picture of him. But, I smile too, for, although many people, even people we love, squander their one life to live, inexcusably ignoring the world-famous RSVP of The Lord Jesus Christ, I know we will have friends in Heaven, who suffered the same, in Christ, with us. People who suffered differently than that guy. All sufferings come to an end. To die young of cancer. All death is tragic. When a man and woman divorce, and one of the two is completely torn in half cause of it. It’s tragic. We all suffer differently. A man died in a car accident not long ago. I knew who he was. He was engaged to be married. I just got dumped long ago, but though long ago, still fresh in wound. I wondered why it couldn’t have been me? God has a plan. Meanwhile, mourn more than you moan, and be truthful at all times, and even when uncertainty is kicking you in the shins, never forget, and always remember, Jesus.

      • I thank The Lord my daughter is coming to live with me even though she has not been a practicing catholic she still believes and we will go to mass every morning Thank You Lord for your kindness, The Lord will live in our home..


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