Saint Aurea was born around the year 1042 in the village of Villavelayo, Spain, in a region controlled by Moors. As a youth, Aurea studied the Scriptures and the lives of the early martyrs of the Church. Her favorite saints to meditate upon and try to copy were Agatha, Eulalia and Cecilia.

As a young woman, Aurea decided to leave home and join a religious convent. She was welcomed into the convent of San Millan de la Cogolla and completely applied herself to monastic life. Soon after joining the convent, Aurea received a vision of her three favorite saints and was encouraged to follow her chosen lifestyle with more zeal. God used St. Aurea to work many miracles and many people began to seek her advice and prayers. She was famed for her visions and miracles.

Aurea spent only a few years of her life in the monastery. Around the year 1069 she contracted a painful disease and died. At the time of her death, Aurea was twenty-seven years old.

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  1. Please Saint Aurea, pray for me to the Lord Our God, that my family’s health remains good. Please help my fiance’s lower back. It has been very sore for a long time now. We need a miracle. Please God, help us all in our times of need. Please God, help every week and need person in the world. Amen.

  2. Please pray for me Saint Aurea with this awwful Divorce im looking at.And for me and my daughters a new place to live Amen I love you ❤

  3. st aurea please intercede to Jesus and mama mary for miraculous healing of grandson from disease of addiction and he be in recovery but most important receive jesus as his lord and savior .Jesus u gave him a gift for the arts, let him find fulltime employment in this area .a place to live as u provided for mary and joseph and that he find the peace that comes from you and that his mom and dad be bonded by the holy rosary through the intercession of mama mary and the lord of miracles and our lady of the miraculous medal. Jesus i trust in you increase my faith amen amen and amen.thanks in advance for answered prayers.

  4. Saint Aurea,
    Help us, through your prayers, to devote ourselves to God’s will with the same dedication that you did. Help us find the strength to also live as a model within our communities. We combine our prayers with yours, and ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  5. St. Aurea should help me in asking our mother Mary to intercede for those I’m praying for in this Lenten season, barren wife, poor sick that can’t afford to pay for their treatment, youths seeking employment and the poorest of the poor who don’t know where their next meal would come from. Freedom for souls in purgatory and the eternal rest for the souls of the faithful departed. That the good Lord may grant this Lenten request through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN


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