Saint Leonard was born to the Frankish nobility in the 5th century. He was part of the court of the then pagan King Clovis I. The Queen suggested to Leonard, possibly as a joke, that he invoke the help of his God to repel an invading army. Leonard prayed, the tide of battle turned, and Clovis was victorious.

Archbishop Saint Remigius of Rheims used this miracle to convert the King, Leonard, and a thousand of followers to Christianity. This was a pivotal conversion in the history of Europe and brought Christianity in full to what is now France. Clovis was the founder of the Merovingian dynasty of which Charlemagne was a descendent.

Leonard began a life of austerity, sanctification, and preaching. His desire to know God grew until he decided to enter the monastery at Orleans, France. His brother, Saint Lifiard, followed his example and left the royal court, built a monastery at Meun, and lived there. Leonard desired further seclusion, and so withdrew into the forest of Limousin, converting many on the way, and living on herbs, wild fruits, and spring water.

He built himself an oratory, leaving it only for journeys to churches. Others begged to live with him and learn from him, and so a monastery formed around his hermitage. Leonard had a great compassion for prisoners, obtaining release and converting many.

After his death, churches were dedicated to him in France, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Bohemia, Poland and other countries. Pilgrims flocked to his tomb, and in one small town in Bavaria there are records of 4,000 favors granted through Saint Leonard’s intercession.

St. Leonard is the patron of prisoners, prisoners of war, locksmiths, and miners.

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  1. st leonard pray for my family especially grandson who seem like a prisoner to substance abuse and mental illness . deliver and free him form anything not of God our heavenly father and mama mary wash him with your tears of blood. thanks for answered prayers. aaem amen and amen

  2. St Leonard intercede for your namesake leonard whose life is taking I think a wrong turn please, please ask God to give him the grace of conversion and his family too, please show him your way O Lord he is a kind and loving son – Thank you Amen

  3. O Almighty God, who has called us to faith in thee, and bast compassed us about with so great a cloud of witnesses; Grant that we, encouraged by the good examples of thy Saints, and especially of thy servant Leonard, may persevere in running the race that set before us, until at length, through thy mercy, we with them attain to thine eternal joy; through him who is the author and finisher of our faith, thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord.


  4. Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.
    “My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
    Today, on the First Friday, and tomorrow, on the First Saturday, please accept our prayers and sacrifices in reparation for offences against the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and your own pure heart. Show us how to make amends for our current evil climate, and how to save suffering souls from hellfire and damnation. We know it’s beyond us and requires the Supernatural. Amen.

    All holy men and women, martyrs, saints, angels, pray for us.
    Holy Family of Nazareth, bless us and accompany us.
    Saint Leonard, pray for us. For France, Germany, USA, etc. Bring docile fortitude to the Faithful. Convert the souls and heal the minds and bodies of many prisoners and criminal element roaming the earth, whose demons are looking for souls to devour. Free those suffering from diabolical possession, obsession, oppression, vexation, temptation.
    Ecce Crucem Domini!
    Fugite partes adversae!
    Vicit Leo de tribu Juda,
    Radix David! Alleluia!
    Saint Anthony of Padua, pray for us. For Italy.
    Saint Teresa of Avila, pray for us. For Rome.
    Blood of Christ Crucified, cleanse the Vatican.


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