Pope St. Gregory, born in Rome, was the offspring of a distinguished lineage; his father was a well-to-do Roman Senator and his mother, St. Sylvia. Although he initially ventured into public service, becoming Rome’s Prefect, he soon felt a pull towards a spiritual path. Within a year, he left his public office to embrace monastic life.

Using his considerable wealth, Gregory established seven monasteries. While six of these were set up in Sicily, the seventh, which he himself joined and later presided over as abbot, was built on the Clivus Scauri in Rome, dedicated to St. Andrew. It was during this period that he truly flourished as a Benedictine monk, living a life of deep spirituality.

However, Gregory’s tranquility was interrupted when Pope Pelagius appointed him as one of the seven deacons of Rome. This role took him to the Court of Byzantium, where he served as an ambassador for six years. By 586, he was back in Rome, resuming his monastic life at St. Andrew’s Monastery.

When it was time to elect a new Pope, the unanimous choice was Gregory, recognized for his piety and wisdom. Yet, the honor wasn’t something he sought. In an attempt to evade the responsibility, he even took refuge in a cave! But destiny had other plans, and he was eventually ordained as the Pope on September 3, 590, marking the first time a monk held this esteemed position.

Gregory’s 14-year papacy was marked by significant achievements. Despite battling constant illness, he initiated administrative reforms, ensured the welfare of the poor, and fostered peace with neighboring tribes. Notably, he dispatched St. Augustine of Canterbury to England as a missionary and was instrumental in propagating the faith there.

In addition to these accomplishments, Pope St. Gregory is fondly remembered for reshaping the selection process for deacons, emphasizing spirituality over skills like singing. Furthermore, his love for the sacred liturgy led him to compile the Antiphonary, which became the foundation for the renowned Gregorian Chant. He also founded the Schola Cantorum, a premier school for choir training in Rome.

Working tirelessly for the Church until his last breath, St. Gregory departed from this world on March 12, 604. His final resting place is St. Peter’s Church, and he’s revered as the fourth Doctor of the Latin Church. Today, the Church celebrates his feast on the day of his papal election, in honor of his countless contributions.

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  1. Pope St. Gregory The Great, pray for me to get a new and far better job and also pray for all job seekers in Nigeria, who are facing unemployment as a result of bad leadership…………Oh Mother Mary intercede on our behalf………….AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. St. Gregory pray for me to have a peaceful healthy also to get a happy marriage and the children i will produce never to lack anything.

  3. Pope St. Gregory the great if only you could hear the music they are playing now in mass, you would turn over in your grave .

  4. Pope Saint Gregory the Great, pray for us. Let 30 Gregorian Masses be said in Latin consecutively for my soul after my death, that I may be freed from Purgatory on the 30th day, if I miss out on Heaven initially. The silent community of Monks living at Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac in the Eastern Townships of Quebec needs our prayers and support. Let me live free of any need for material wealth, and know that my path is lit step by step by the light of Christ. I am the custody of Christ Crucified! Amen.

  5. Saint Joseph, terror of demons, cleanse this site from insensitive mischievous abuse. Saints Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, Louis-Marie de Montfort, Anthony of Padua, Gemma Galgani, pray for us. Amen.

  6. The posted Bio of Pope Greg failed to mention that he is the ONLY one to document and write the life Bio of St. Benedict ….the founder of the OSB monastic Order which Greg joined. It is a small paper back booklet which you can buy from the Liturgical Press at the OSB abbey of St. John’s in Collegeville, Minnesota.


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