The phrase The Arrival has an almost cinematic sound to it. It is a striking phrase; a phrase with weight. Advent means The Arrival, and should feel dramatic, for the obvious reason that it is the precursor to one of the most important events in history, Christmas (only second to the Easter holiday). 

Catholicism is steeped in these dramatic terms, and rightfully so. Catholicism is, after all, dramatic. In turn, Advent is dramatic, full of stories like the Virgin birth, the angel appearing to the dreaming Joseph, the arduous journey to Bethlehem, and many, many more incredible events. These events speak deeply to the human heart: struggle, conflict, restoration, and redemption. What is most striking is that these are real events. They actually took place. They happened. This Arrival is not a cinematic event. It is a historical event.

And then there is the symbolism steeped within Advent. The remarkable reversal of the Adam and Eve story: Mary, a mirror image of Eve, now saying yes to the New Adam to restore the Earth. Mary, the new ark, now holding the living tablets, the rod of Aaron, and manna. We Catholics can use these powerful instruments to let non-Catholics know the genius, complexity, splendor, and drama of Christmas.

As a creative mind, I am reminded of our Creator, who spent thousands of years preparing the way for this first Christmas. The Arrival is dramatic and symbolic, a truly artistic moment by the Creator, helping properly frame the Christmas Season as sacred and powerful.

For myself, with a feature film called Yellow Day arriving in theaters on Christmas, this advent is particularly special. Yellow Day will release alongside the much-anticipated Star Wars and other Oscar contenders. It is the only faith and family film releasing on Christmas, a small film with a lot of heart. Our Savior was born in the meekest of situations, quiet while the world was loud, and we are honored to be opening on His birthday.

 G.P. Galle, Jr., Yellow Day


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  1. Thank you for these beautiful reflections ?✝?. The power of words is what speaks to my spirit and encourages me to never give up?✝. I’m so blessed to have o be call d to be a Catholic???


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