In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells the story of the wise man who built his house on a solid foundation. Despite heavy rains and tumultuous winds, the house stayed firm. But those who hear and don’t listen, Jesus continues, are like a fool who builds his home on sand and expects it to stand firm.

We want our house to be firm, we see the wisdom in that practically as people who want to protect our families and keep our lives safe. We work hard to have a home that can withstand bad weather, that will keep us warm on cold days and be a shelter from the wind.

But spiritually, we need that same protection. We want to build our world — our thoughts, our words, our actions — on the firm foundation of God. In order to do that, we have to be in tune with what God’s will is for each one of us.

At its most practical, this scripture calls us to listen. We ask God to guide our steps, to keep us in the center of His will for every part of our life. We want to say yes to what God wants us to do, and to say no to what He doesn’t.

Especially in this busy season of Advent, we need to be in tune with God’s will for even the smallest parts of our day. Anything outside of God’s will and we are spinning our wheels.

“Lord, show me today how to use my time and abilities to build Your kingdom, and to draw closer to You with every step of my day.”

Rachel Balducci is a columnist, author, and co-host of The Gist on Catholic TV. She and her husband Paul live in Augusta, GA with their five sons and one daughter. Find more of her writing at

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  1. Rachel, is the first time I read something of yours and after I saw your picture with your family it brought tears to my eyes because I come from a family of 6, 5 brothers and my little sister. Well we’re not little anymore, I’m 60 but still our family is together as your is, except that my mother is not with us anymore. God bless you all.


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