As we read this narrative over 2,000 years later, we know the end of the story. Because of this, it is easy for us to miss the magnitude of the decision Joseph had to make. At the time, a virgin birth was an unprecedented event in human history.

The only way Joseph could have responded so quickly is if he knew without question that God was capable of doing the impossible. He had faith that God was a God of miracles.

Interestingly, God did not make the decision any easier! When the Lord sent Gabriel to Mary she was alone. Mary’s “yes” was made independent of Joseph. She had no idea how Joseph would respond. It was only after Mary told Joseph what had taken place that God sent him an angel. If God wanted to make it easy on them He could have sent the angel while they were together so the miraculous experience could have been simultaneous. God did not do it in this way. Individual decisions to trust in God and trust in one another were required to move forward.

This teaches us something about God and this teaches us volumes about both Mary and Joseph. Their faith in God was unshakable. Their trust in His plans was unfailing.  

God seeks men and women of faith. God can move mountains in our lives and the lives of others if He finds in us the faith of a mustard seed.

Heavenly Father – inspire in me a faith like Mary and Joseph so that I may always trust in your ways. Amen!

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Mark Hartfiel, Paradisus Dei


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