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  1. father robert, i commend you because you are the first priest that i heard who never experienced lonely moments in your 25 years of priesthood. definitely you are one of a kind. i am only in my ten years but i have so many lonely moments but definitely not a lonely life because like you, i love my priesthood and i am enjoying it. however, i look at my lonely moment as an opportunity for me to respond to god’s invitation to commune with him in prayer and adoration.

    i think your mom was right when she mentioned that what you do for a living is of being a writer. yes, you are a priest and definitely your priesthood is your vocation and your ministry as a writer is your source to earn a living. i, myself is a priest but i earn a living from doing my ministry in prison as a chaplain. this and yours are but a reality that we have to accept with all our heart.

    anyway, thank you very much for your great ministry on the web.

    god bless.

  2. Dear Father, I truly hope you receive this… … I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Catholicism series. It was informative, beautiful and obviously guided by the Holy Spirit. Our Priesthood is so critical to Holy Mother church. You are graced with the ability to call down the Holy Trinity, to act in the person of Jesus, and give absolution, to mention just a few. The respect and love I have for our priesthood is beyond words. It was through a priest, three years ago today, that I received the Holy Spirit. He was the instrument God chose to lead me to Christ, and The Blessed Mother. As a convert, and one who knew nothing of the Catholic Church (or a Catholic for that matter!) I have often wondered why the Holy Spirit would lead to me to a priest, if indeed the priests were not the true representatives of Christ on earth. In you Father.. Jesus lives. Thank you so much for answering the call, and through your vocation, leading us to our Lord and Savior… God Bless you Father 🙂

  3. Priests do their best work when they don’t depend on prestige. The scandal has been truly terrible, but it will force us to focus, not on ourselves, but on the mission. This is a good time to be a priest if we are bold for the Gospel. Because we have lost so much credibility, it will also demand that more lay people be in the forefront, so much of priests’ greatest work will be empowering the laity.
    If what we claim to believe is true, then the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most powerful transformative force in the universe. Nothing can stop us if we truly believe.

  4. Dear Fr. Barron,
    I first met you when I was in theology at Theological College and you were a Basselin Scholar. Congratulations on your Silver Anniversary of Priestly Ordination! Your contributions through “Word on Fire” and “Catholicism Project” are magnificent! As pastor of St. Matthew Parish in Virginia Beach, I am pleased to offer our people the various segments of the “Project”. Keep up the wonderful work of the New Evangelization!

    Fraternally in Christ,
    Fr. John A. Abe
    Diocese of Richmond (1984)
    Alumnus of the Catholic University of America


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