Fr. Barron The HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American-

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  1. Dear Fr.Baron.. I am Catholic, I was born and raised Catholic, my ancestors come from Novia Scotia,Canada, and were persecuted and sent to the America’s because they refused to give up their Church and worship the church of the King of England..MY parents brought us to mass every Sunday and we said rosary every night. I have raise 4 children and have so far 9 grandchildren and my only son will marry in July, I have a prayer line on facebook and every morning we pray for all needing prayer… I do not believe in abortion and pray every day for an end to it. My only problem is that I just cannot imagine that God would send a christian couple to hell if in their good conscience they feel they cannot afford to have but a certain number of children and use some type of birth control other than the rythmn method. I do not believe this in m y heart and soul, when they do their very best to raise their children in the ways of god and the church and to be responsible young adults and to give them a good education through Catholic Education if at all possible . Father, please I understand the church’s teaching on this, but I still believe if after much prayer and bible and scripture study and speaking to God that he would not do this to any couple who keeps good faith and believes this in their heart. Please respond to me.

    • You are right Patricia, and the Church agrees with you. That is why they approve of natural family planning (NFP), which is a much more effective way to regulate births than the rhythm method (99.5% effective in independent trials). It requires the participation of both spouses and periods of abstinence during fertile periods so it is not as convenient as other forms of birth control but it is natural and does not goes against Church teaching. For more info:


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