The Hookup Culture: a commentary by Fr. Barron –

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  1. I felt that this was a wonderful short by Fr. Barron through which was explained the problem with the modern “sexual revolution.” I only wish he would have expounded more on the natural order of the Good. Still, well done!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Father Barron’s take on the hookup culture. As a Catholic I believe in the principles that are laid out for us to follow and live by. With that being said its just very difficult being a human being. Myself included being a single man. All the natural urges that come out from our bodies tend to make one ignore, if not forget, our Godly principles. One has to be SUPER strong mentally and spiritually to stay the course. I believe that it would be very special to be a mutual virgin with a partner in a relationship going into marriage. That idea is great. I can imagine the strong connection that couple would have knowing and believing with no doubt that they are eachother’s first and only partner and their belief in staying the course with one another for life with God’s help. Sadly, I believe today, that couple is extinct. At the very most: very x infinity rare. In today’s culture, or cultures, it’s just simply too late for the kids once they reach and get past puberty. Once it hits…”it’s on”. The hookup culture has pretty much consumed the morality of humanity if not yet completely. Whether its just hooking up with a variety of partners or having premarital sex with just one or two partners. Overall, our sexual nature consumes us. It consumes our morality…depending on what culture we come from. A lot of cultures may not find premarital sex immoral or “so immoral anymore” because of the times. It’s hard not to look at an attractive woman and not think or simply feel an animal instinct to want to hook up. Vice versa for women as well. News Flash: Women aren’t so reserved anymore….Now, please forgive my rambling but these are my thoughts and in summation I must thank Jesus for dying for me, us, for our sins. I pray that he can forgive us for being weak humans. I’ll try my best to not be so weak. Help me please God!


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