St. Joseph’s quiet life really preaches louder than words! 🙌

On the 150th episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman and Devin Schadt discuss the remarkable life of St. Joseph. Here’s how his example offers us the way to cultivate a spirit of quiet strength.

Embrace Silence in a Noisy World
In our noisy world, St. Joseph’s life teaches us the profound power of silence. “God’s first language is silence.” John explains that St. Joseph’s silent obedience to God’s will speaks volumes about his character.

He shows us that silence isn’t just the absence of noise, but a way to deepen our relationship with God. John says we should carve out more quiet moments to listen intently to God’s voice because “a man who is devoted to silence comes forth an understanding of the Will of the Father.”

Be Great Through Humility and Service
We all want to live a meaningful life! Through a life of service and simplicity, St. Joseph shows us that true greatness isn’t found in titles or achievements, but in quiet surrender to God’s Will. “St. Joseph, despite being in the line of King David, found greatness in humility,” says John.

Make Discerned Decisions in Life
St. Joseph’s unwavering obedience to God’s Will, even when challenging, shows his profound trust in God. “Doing is the beginning of Joseph’s Way.” Devin explains that St. Joseph was an effective leader because he listened and was obedient to God, giving us a model to make discerned decisions in our own lives.

The gentlemen say by living out St. Joseph’s five virtues–silence, obedience, authority, sacrificial love, and humility—we can learn to cultivate a spirit of quiet strength just like him!

Watch below 👇

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