Abbà Pater was released by Pope John Paul II on March 23rd, 1999, reaching #175 on the Billboard album chart.

The album has all original compilations and vocals by Pope John Paul II himself, many lyrics derived from the Bible or the Liturgy. It includes the following tracks composed in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese:

    1. “Cercate il Suo Volto”, Seek His Face
    2. “Cristo È Liberazione”, Christ Is Freedom
    3. “Verbum Caro Factum Est”, The Word Became Flesh
    4. “Abbà Pater,” Good Father
    5. “Vieni, Santo Spirito”, Come, Holy Spirit
    6. “Padre, Ti Chiediamo Perdono”, Father, We Ask Your Forgiveness
    7. “Dove C’è Amore C’è Dio”, Where There Is Love, There Is God
    8. “Padre Della Luce”, Father of Light
    9. “Un Comandamento Nuovo”, A New Commandment
    10. “Madre di Tutte le Genti”, Mother of All Mankind
    11. “La Legge Delle Beatitudini”, The Law of the Beatitudes

Good Father peaked at #175 on the Billboard album chart, originally released in anticipation for the Great Jubilee on Vatican Radio. The album is also triple platinum in Poland.

Listen to Good Father below:

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  1. Didn’t Pope John Paul II have a Platinum album in Spain during 1992? I remember hearing about it on the news back then, but can’t find anything about it now.


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