After rising from the dead on Easter, Jesus didn’t immediately ascend into Heaven. Instead, He spent 40 days still on Earth in His resurrected form. What did Jesus do during this time? Who did He appear to? What is the meaning of His appearances?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about each appearance of Jesus during the 40 days between Easter and the Ascension!

How many times did Jesus appear after the Resurrection?
Scripture tells us of 10 appearances by Jesus to His disciples. According to tradition though, he had 12 total appearances. These appearances affirmed His physical resurrection, says Fr. Pagano. “The whole idea of what we’re bringing to the altar, Jesus’s resurrected body is right there for us to receive each and every single day.”

Who did Jesus appear to first?
Tradition tells us that his very first appearance was to his mother, Mary. Although not explicitly recorded in the Gospels, Scheel says “the Church Doctors and Church Fathers all maintain this like it was a known fact.”

Why did people not recognize Jesus after the resurrection?
The mysterious nature of His resurrected body often rendered Him unrecognizable to even His closest followers initially. It was Mary Magdalene who “thought He was the gardener” and only recognized Him after He called her by name, says Dellacrosse.

What are the deeper meanings of each appearance?
In each appearance, Jesus taught specific lessons and spiritual truths. On the road to Emmaus, He revealed Himself as the fulfiller of Scriptures and demonstrated that He could be recognized in the breaking of bread. When He appeared to the Apostles behind locked doors, it affirmed His resurrection promises and established the Church’s mission. His reinstatement of Peter showed His forgiveness and the Church’s duty to shepherd His flock.

“Jesus, disguised in our midst still today… is still speaking to the hearts of men and women throughout every nation inspiring this greater vocation to holiness,” Fr Rich says!

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