Love Good Music? The Concert You Should Be Talking About

As Catholics, we shouldn’t be mindless consumers of popular culture. Love Good Music gives us the chance to experience music that resounds with meaning, rather than reinforces society’s emphasis on cheap thrills.

Quotes From Pope Francis’ Ecological Encyclical Laudato Si’

The Holy Father Pope Francis' released Laudato Si', his ecological encyclical on "Care For Our Common Home". Here is selecting of quotes from the encyclical.

Love, Tolerance, and the Making of Distinctions

Once the sense that there is objective good and evil has been attenuated, as it largely has been in our society, the only categories we have left are psychological ones

Police Recreate The Face Of Jesus As A Child Using Forensics...

Police in Italy using forensic technology have created what they say is an likeness of Jesus as a young child from data compiled from the Shroud of Turin.

Three Simple Paths to Interior Peace

I was born a restless child and never faltered from my constant busyness into adulthood. The restlessness within was twofold: One, I tended toward generalized anxiety (e.g., fear of everything), and two, I grew up in a household rife with inconstancy and unexpected strife. To their credit, my parents raised my brother and me with rhythm and routine, but my brother’s burgeoning psychological diagnoses during early adolescence hurled the rest of us into a steady stream of uncertainty and panic.

5 Things Fulton Sheen Teaches Us About Social Media

What can we learn about modern social media from an innovator at the beginning of the media age, Ven. Fulton Sheen

Bruce Jenner, The “Shadow Council,” And St. Irenaeus

Two news items from last week put me in mind of St. Irenaeus and the battle he waged, nineteen centuries ago, against the Gnostic heresy. The first was the emergence of Bruce Jenner as a “woman” named Caitlyn, and the second was a “shadow council” that took place in Rome and apparently called for the victory of a theology of love over John Paul II’s theology of the body.

Catholicism And The “Charlie Charlie Challenge”

A new social media trend has been going around called the "#CharlieCharlieChallenge", the point of which is to "summon a Mexican demon" for the purpose of divination.

Holy League: Sacred Without the Sappy

The Holy League is a new network of parish-based fraternities of men dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament and returning to the state of grace.

Where Leaders Are Empowered to Lead

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., and Timothy Busch founded the Napa Institute to form Catholics leaders so that they can help to The Napa Institute seeks to enable Catholic leaders to face this new culture’s challenges