No, the Catholic Church Did Not Help the Nazis.

A pervasive myth often perpetuated is that the Church somehow assisted the Nazi regime during World War II. These claims are borne of revisionist history, and could not be further from the truth. In fact, the Church was one of the strongest opponents to Nazism and racial oppression.

Is the Pope Never Wrong? Papal Infallibility Explained

Papal infallibility is often confused to mean the pope is never wrong, or even that the pope is incapable of sin. However, even the Vicar of Christ is just a man and capable of being wrong and sinning just like anyone else. If that's the case, what exactly is papal infallibility?

Do Aliens Exist? Here’s What Pope Francis and Vatican Astronomers Have...

Since time immemorial man has gazed at the night sky looking at the vast Creation of God before him that illuminates the Cosmos and wondered what is beyond the boundary that transcends all men and women on Earth. Here's what Pope Francis and Vatican astronomers have said about the ultimate alien question.

Unicorns in the Bible? Why the Mythical Creature Is Mentioned In...

The unicorn: a mythical animal known since antiquity as a beast with a single spiraled white horn projecting from its forehead. A creature commonplace in folktales, legends, and children's stories, so why does the Holy Bible mention it a total of five times? The answer might surprise you...

Was There Really Darkness and an Earthquake at the Crucifixion? 3...

When Christ was Crucified, a great and unusual darkness struck the land, and an earthquake split rock in twain. While today some may dismiss the Gospel's recounting of the events as imaginative fiction, what secular evidence do we have to support the Crucifixion darkness?

The Lenten “Beer Only Fast” Practiced by German Monks

Fasting from certain foods has been always been an integral part of Lenten practices. 400 years ago, strict ascetic monks in Germany, who observed a Lenten fast year round, invented a "beer only" fast for Lent as a special form of abstinence beyond what they already observed.

The Time the Pope Was Elected by Accident

Cardinals often waste their first vote in a papal conclave on a throw-away candidate to see how the rest of the college is voting. What would happen if they all voted for the same throw-away candidate? That's exactly what happened with the election of Pope Benedict XII in 1334.

What Happened to the Wealth of the Knights Templar?

Their abrupt fall from power has made them the subject of countless myths, legends, and folk stories. While the tales of mysterious hidden treasure are most certainly false, what really happened to the wealth of the Knights Templar?

The Catholic Priest Killed by the Klan for Performing an Interracial...

Not too long ago, faithful members of the Catholic Church in the United States used to face intense hostility and persecution in what is called "the deepest bias in the history of the American people."

Heaven, Hell, and What Exactly? Purgatory Explained

When we die, we have but three destinations: Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. What exactly is purgatory, why is it necessary, and what basis do we have for its existence?