Wonder Woman vs. Third Wave Feminism

Our protagonist does not lose her femininity as she gains fierceness. She does not become “one of the boys” to prove herself. Her feminine charm remains throughout the film, as does her heart.

Use The Force: A Catholic Strategy For Star Wars

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Having gained control over the galactic Star Wars empire for 4.5 billion dollars from George Lucas, Disney has launched the eagerly awaited seventh episode of the generation-spanning franchise.

Like Star Wars, New Film Explores The Light and The Dark

Yellow Day is part-live action and part-animation film that explores how both the light and dark moments in our lives have the capacity to transform us.
Catholic Superman Review

Review: “Man of Steel” Critics Miss the Might (Spoilers)

by Rev. Edwin C. Dwyer I’m rather surprised so many people disliked “Man of Steel” so much. It was as if they were shocked it...

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