Next to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Monica is one of the best examples of Christian motherhood. For years, she prayed for the conversion of her only son. Her persistence was answered with abundant grace: Her son, Augustine, became a saint and a doctor of the Church.

Saint Monica faced a culture in which Christianity had not yet fully taken hold; we live in a culture in which Christianity is increasingly marginalized and children are pulled from the Faith. This prayer for her intercession, therefore, is particularly appropriate today.

Prayer To St. Monica For Mothers
Exemplary Mother of the great Augustine,
you perseveringly pursued your wayward son
not with wild threats
but with prayerful cries to heaven.
Intercede for all mothers in our day
so that they may learn to draw their children to God.
Teach them how to remain close to their children,
even the prodigal sons and daughters
who have sadly gone astray.


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  1. St. Monica, your example has come down through the ages to touch my own return to the faith. May your intercession continue to draw back all the wayward sons and daughters of our Catholic faith.

  2. St Monica, help me pray for my children Christine, Simon, Matt, Luke, Jojoe, Mark, Chiara, and Paul. That they may be as St Augustine, your beloved son, has turned out to be, to turn to God to seek for true love and unite the Catholic community accordingly.

    I pray also for Michael, the son of Lorencia Ballack, please save and protect him from all harm and return him to his beloved Mum. Amen.

  3. Dear Saint Monica please pray for all the mothers in the world that they will have all the strenght they need to nurture their own children to come closer to god amen.

  4. Oh St Monica I place my petition before you asking you to intercede in my son Sherrard’s questionable belief of his Catholic Faith and his addiction and eating habits which could be detrimental to his health. I know you understand my cause because you were the mother of a once wayward son. Quell my zealous anxieties and intercede in this situation for me, help me to alleviate any negative thoughts in this situation and help me to control the words that I utter from my tongue that causes more controversy and friction. Help me to understand him more clearly, to be more patient and to think before I act. I thank God every day for his birth because even through he is this way he is the child that looks out for me and is the one that will ask forgiveness if he is wrong- I know he is one of my four special gifts from God and I lift him up right now for deliverance ofrom his negativities, Amen

  5. St Monica please pray for my friend Minda, her son Andrew has drug problem. May the Holy Spirit give her and her husband a gift of knowledge to help and deal their son and his problem. Amen

  6. St. Monica, first of all Happy Mother’s Day too. Please pray for my son Glenn and his wife Kristienne that my grand daughter Kiana to be baptize in the name of Jesus and teach” my daugter in law” how to bealive and faith in the love of God. And also my daughter Kristine pls teach her to learn and follow Jesus. And my whole family give them grace to love and help each other, most of all to love Jesus and Mary from the bottom of their heart. Pray for all us. Amen

  7. Dear St Monica, please bless the orphans and the children in the world who need faith, love and caring…lead them the way to God, Amen.

  8. Dear st monica, pls pray for the mothers in the whole world ,especialy in nigeria that they will enbrase love and charity in the country and also pray for peace in my country Nigeria.

  9. Dear St. Monica,

    Pls. intercede for me that God in his kindness will grant me grace to be able to nurture the beautiful bundles of joy He granted me in His ways, that they grow up to be children of peace, lovable and seek only after the will of God. I equally pray for the less privilege, orphans etc in our society that God reach out to them, bless, protect and shied them through christ our Lord (Amen)

  10. I admire your love toward your son Augustine, the grace and wisdom of God almighty that was upon dwell in me so i will be a lovly mother not just to my children and grandchildren but to other children around. And to also be a virtuous woman that will be useful to my husband. Through christ our lord. Amen.

  11. Please St Monica I place my petition before you asking you to intercede in my son JP questionable belief of his Catholic Faith and he is commenting that he does not want to live any more. I am desperately asking for prayers. Jesus I trust in you.


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