Prayer To Saint Charbel


From the monastery of Annaya
Charbel lit the candle of light
our communities and the whole world
are praying and wishing
Charbel pray for us

O Monk on the mountain
Your hermitage is praying
from the heart of jesus
is taking love and purification
Charbel pray for us

The land you loved
you fixed and planted
from your blood you irrigated it
the soil is praying Charbel
pray for us O saint devoted to god
you changed the world
dont leave us alone our own saint
pray for us O lebanon the green cedar
we have charbel and mary
to reassure us about our beloved lebanon

Charbel pray for us

St Charbel Song
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  1. Pray for my success! Pray for the destruction of the “anti-Christ / evil” in my life. Pray that I crossover all hurdles in my life with the Lord’s Majestic and Holy Help.


  2. Thanking God for his good works in my life, and asking for his forgiveness of sins.
    Praying for God’s divine favor and financial assistance in my football career, especially at this period. Also asking for his assistance, spiritually, physically’ mentally and financially as I go for search of greener pasture in my career.
    God’s guidance and protections for all my family members, friends and relatives, and for God to grant them their hearts desires.


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