Liturgy: Your Taste Doesn’t Matter.


If you’re a well-informed Catholic (which is primarily who I’m addressing in this video), you’ll start to detect a theme throughout the narrative of our creation, fall, and redemption, as depicted in scripture and our theology.

From the very beginning we were offered a choice. To love God and live in complete harmony with him and all that is, or to prefer ourselves in the hopes that we can establish a life in which all that is organized in such a way the suits our individual preferences.

You might summarize this theme as a choice between submission to God or submission to our own appetite, will, and intellect. Or you could say, it’s a choice between worshipping God or worshipping ourselves.

Because the temptation to worship false gods or idols is really a temptation to worship ourselves because if we invent the gods and modes of worship that accompany them, then, really, we’re just worshipping ourselves. We’re avoiding the difficult yet necessary duty of conforming ourselves to what God requires of us and, instead, trying to conform our religion to our pre-existing preferences.

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