The Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, has been receiving ongoing medical attention as his health has declined in recent days.

At 95 years old, Benedict’s age has taken a toll on his overall well-being. However, despite his serious condition, he has managed to get a good night’s rest and remains alert and lucid.

Matteo Bruni, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, addressed reporters on the matter, stating that Benedict’s situation is currently stable, but under close supervision by doctors.

He also confirmed that Pope Francis has visited the Pope Emeritus at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery within the Vatican, where Benedict has lived since his resignation in 2013.

Bruni emphasized that Benedict’s health has significantly deteriorated in recent hours due to his advanced age, but assured the public that the situation is being carefully monitored.

He concluded by asking for continued prayers for Benedict and his recovery.

In response to the concerning news, Pope Francis has reaffirmed his invitation for the faithful to pray for Benedict and offer their support during this challenging time.

He implored Catholics around the world to come together and lift up the Pope Emeritus in their prayers.

Yesterday, Pope Francis requested “special prayers” for Pope Benedict XVI during the conclusion of his General Audience, saying that the pope emeritus is “very ill.”

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI!


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