A eucharistic miracle, now acknowledged by the Honduran Catholic Church, has stirred faith in the small farming town of San Juan.

ACI Prensa reported that Bishop Walter Guillén Soto of the Diocese of Gracias confirmed the miracle that transpired on June 9, 2022 in El Espinal chapel on the Feast of Christ the Priest.

José Elmer Benítez Machado, an extraordinary minister, found mysterious blood-like stains on the sacred corporal cloth beneath the tabernacle during the Liturgy of the Word.

At first skeptical, Bishop Guillén finally decided to carry out scientific examinations three months later. Tests revealed that the blood was human, matching the rare blood type found in other eucharistic miracles. Forensic investigations also confirmed that the blood stains couldn’t have been faked.

The miracle happened in a humble community, which according to Bishop Guillén, demonstrates God’s love for the marginalized and simple. He views this as a “miracle of synodality,” a call for the Church to acknowledge the faith and importance of laity.

Bishop Guillén has shared the details of this miracle with his diocese, but the blood-stained corporal remains unexposed to the public while awaiting further Vatican investigation.

This miracle marks the fifth occurrence in Latin America, reflecting Jesus’s presence and elevating the faith of the local community and beyond.

Pray for faith!


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