In a recent reflection titled “Christmas Message,” Cardinal Robert Sarah voiced strong criticism to the Vatican’s recent declaration, Fiducia Supplicans, which pertains to blessing same-sex unions.

Cardinal Sarah, a respected figure within the Church, emphasized the importance of adhering to traditional teachings and values. He cautioned against the confusion and division that the declaration has caused, stating, “Confusion, lack of clarity and truth, and division have disturbed and darkened the Christmas party this year.” He insisted that the Church should not compromise its principles or succumb to societal pressures, particularly regarding matters of faith and doctrine.

Echoing Pope Francis’s warnings about the Devil’s role as a “divider,” Cardinal Sarah argued that those supporting the declaration are inadvertently aiding division within the Church. He advocates for a firm stance, suggesting that dialogue or negotiation with misleading teachings is not the solution.

Instead, he emphasized the importance of adhering to the teachings of the Catholic faith and tradition, rather than succumbing to modern pressures. “The truth is the first of the mercies that Jesus offers to the sinner,” Cardinal Sarah wrote, advocating for a return to traditional values and the word of God in addressing issues surrounding same-sex unions.

Drawing from his African heritage, Cardinal Sarah highlights the unique position of the African Church. He recalls Pope Benedict XVI’s description of Africa as a spiritual “lung” for humanity, contrasting the continent’s firm spiritual stance with the West’s materialism and relativism.

Cardinal Sarah urged the global Church to listen to the African bishops, who he believes are today’s heralds of divine truth, and concluded with a call to remain steadfast in faith.

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