The European Commission has put forward a proposal that would require all EU member countries to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other countries.

However, Polish lawmakers are resisting this proposal, with Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta declaring that Poland intends to veto it.

Christian Network Europe (CNE) reports that Brussels representatives have proposed a new regulation that they claim will enhance the rights and well-being of children.

The European Commission stated in its press release “one of the key aspects of the proposal is that the parenthood established in a Member State of the EU should be recognized in all the other Member States, without any special procedure.”

Kaleta vigorously opposed the measure, arguing that it would tie Poland to the “rights of Western Europe.”

He pointed out that the proposal would override any national ban on surrogacy and obligate countries to allow same-sex couples to adopt. He also speculated that the law could lead to more stringent regulations, such as the recognition of same-sex marriages or acceptance of gender theory in Poland.

At present, only 14 out of 27 EU countries recognize same-sex marriage, while seven others recognize “registered partnerships.”

Countries opposed to surrogacy have also struggled to prevent people from bringing foreign surrogates back to their own countries, and the European Commission’s proposal is expected to make this even more difficult.

The proposal will now go to the European Council and the European Parliament for discussion, but Kaleta has declared that Poland will not comply with the measure if it is adopted.

“As long as this government is at the helm in Poland, this document will never come into force.”

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