During the ongoing war in Ukraine, a Catholic priest, Father Josafat Boyko, shared a remarkable story of how a soldier was spared from being killed by praying the rosary.

Father Boyko, a member of the Institute of the Incarnate Word and pastor of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish in Ivano-Frankivsk, provides spiritual guidance to soldiers engaged in the conflict.

According to Father Boyko, a soldier had left the place where he was stationed to pray the rosary, and shortly after, a bomb fell on the location. This incident led the priest to conclude that the soldier had been saved from death by praying.

Father Boyko highlighted the importance of the Church’s voice in telling the truth about the conflict and raising awareness about the war, as many people are dying in Ukraine. He pointed out the Ukrainians’ dedication to defending their people and land.

The priest acknowledged that the current humanitarian crisis is not new, as Ukraine has been in a state of undeclared war since 2014 when Russia began attacking Ukraine by targeting territories in the province of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea.

The Church has become a refuge for people forced to flee their homes due to the war and instrumental in securing food and aid for the needy. Father Boyko’s parish has also been broadcasting the Josaft Boyko channel on YouTube to pray for peace, which is available to everyone, including those without access to a church.

He reiterated his desire for peace, emphasizing the importance of preaching the Gospel and praying for the conversion of Russia, as requested by Our Lady of Fatima in 1917.

Father Boyko and his parish have been distributing food and clothing to the poor and soldiers since the war’s beginning. He hopes that promoting peace instead of animosity will ultimately lead to a resolution of the conflict.

Let’s pray for peace!


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