Saint Adele was a daughter of King Dagobert II of Germany. She became a nun upon the death of her husband, making provisions for her son, the future father of St. Gregory of Utrecht. She founded a convent at Palatiolum near Trier and became its first Abbess, ruling with holiness, prudence, and compassion.

Saint Adele seems to have been among the disciples of St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, and a letter in his correspondence is addressed to her. After a devout life filled with good works and communion with God, she passed on to her heavenly reward in 730.

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  1. O great St. Adele,
    Whose name I am privileged to bear,
    Beneath whose special protection
    God has confided the care of my salvation
    When at baptism I was adopted
    And made a child of God;
    Do thou help me by thy continual intercession
    To lead a truly Christian life, and assist me,
    O gracious protector of my soul,
    To recover and preserve the grace of baptism
    I may have lost by sin.
    Plead for me before God
    That I may receive the grace
    Of following faithfully thy holy example
    And being protected by thee
    Both throughout the length of this troublous life
    And at the hour of my death,
    I may rejoice with thee in glory everlasting.


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