Saint Hunna, known as “The Holy Washerwoman”, was born into aristocracy in Alsace, the daughter of a duke. She married Huno of Hunnaweyer, a nobleman, settling in the Strasbourg diocese. They had one son, Saint Deodatus, who later chose monastic life.

Despite her noble status, Saint Hunna sought a more fulfilling path through service to others, stirred by her deep faith and prayer. Recognizing the harsh conditions of the local peasants, she decided to help by doing their laundry, which marked the beginning of her life’s work and earned her her enduring nickname.

Her commitment grew to include a range of services—from cooking and childcare to teaching hygiene and providing new clothes when the old ones were beyond repair. Saint Hunna’s most compassionate service involved bathing those who could not do so themselves.

She was canonized in 1520 by Pope Leo X and her feast is April 15.

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  1. God Bless this physical charities from a woman who spent her time in service of people in need on behalf of The Holy Trinity. Amen and thank you dear Saint Hunna

  2. What an amazing example of a truly good life. Quite remarkable especially when you consider her wealth and privilege. Saint Hunna was born into a hierarchy that considered the poor and working classes as almost of no consequence and would have barely given their plight a second thought, let alone work and care for them in that saintly way, and all for the love of God. Wonderful and inspiring life we would all do well to emulate. ST Hunna pray for us.

  3. St.Hunna,,,,how clear you could see, anyone and everyone can be of service to our God!
    Not only you but your son was sainted,,,,,God saw so much good in your family. May we all be as caring and thoughtful!

  4. It continues, this beautiful humble version of service. May God bless Loretta Doyle. Wife of an oil industry executive who travelled a lot. Mother of two young adult children, both adopted. Participant in a weekly RC church mother’s group, who offered counsel, friendship, books on saints. She drove to my home to collect laundry when I owned no car or appliances, when I had 3 sons within 15 months. She quietly collected a bucket or two from my front porch, took it home, washed/dried/folded everything and returned it early the next morning, to the same porch. She wanted no one else in the mother’s group to be aware of this service (they offered rides to/from church or meals, etc.), she did not want my sons to be aware of her toil, and often I would find new items mixed in with the old, or little simple gifts placed atop the clean laundry for my twins or my eldest. Never have I experienced the Lord washing my feet more than in those moments, through that woman, more than 20 yrs ago.

  5. Blessed Hunna, Your example to all of us is simply wonderful. We never have to ask what we could do. Lots! Hunna, please pray for us because of our sins, that we, too, may follow your example. May God bless you and may you pray for us.


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