Following Jewish customs, the parents of our Lady named her eight days after her birth. They felt inspired to name her Mary. Due to this, the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary comes after her Birthday, just as the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus comes after Christmas.

The feast, celebrating Mary’s name, began in Spain and was recognized by the Holy See in 1513. Later in 1683, Innocent XI extended its observance to the entire Church. This extension was a gesture of gratitude to our Lady for a significant victory on September 12, 1683. On this day, King John Sobieski of Poland triumphed over the Turks, who were not only besieging Vienna but were also threatening the entirety of the West.

To commemorate this victory in Vienna, a unique pastry was created. This pastry was shaped like the Turkish half-moon, representing the defeated invaders. Moreover, coffee, a part of the spoils from the Turks, was consumed with this pastry.

Early Christian writings, retained by the ancient Onomastica Sacra and perpetuated by the Greek Fathers, provide varied interpretations of Mary’s name. Among the prominent ones are “Bitter Sea,” “Myrrh of the Sea,” “The Light Giver,” “The Enlightened One,” “Lady,” “Seal of the Lord,” and “Mother of the Lord.” The root assumption for these interpretations is that the Hebrew version of the name is Maryãm, not Miryãm.

Between the time of St. Jerome and the 16th century, popular interpretations of Mary’s name in the West included “Lady,” “Bitter Sea,” “The Light Giver,” and most prominently, “Star of the Sea.” Stella Maris was the most favored interpretation.

However, the Renaissance brought about a revival of Hebraic studies, leading scholars to re-examine the meanings attributed to our Lady’s name. Miryãm appears to be a genuine Hebrew name, and there hasn’t been any concrete reason to dispute its Semitic origin. In Hebrew, Mary’s name, Miryãm (or Domina in Latin), translates to “lady” or “sovereign.” This underlines her significance in relation to her Son’s sovereign authority. Thus, when we refer to Mary as our Lady, just as we refer to Jesus as our Lord, we acknowledge her power, seek her assistance, and place ourselves under her protective care.

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  2. Mother Mary, please keep my family under your protection. Please give us aid and intercede on behalf o my husband. Please ask that the case be settled in his favor and that our family may stay intact. Please protect our son. AMEN

  3. Dear Mother, please put my family under your protection! Take care of my wife and my two boys, especially D. Please also protect me from my mental health issues!

  4. hail mary i put my life, family and my job unto your able hands please help me overcome all the challenges that may come my way…for i know you are able…all i pray in Jesus name.. amen

  5. Hail mary mother of God i put my life,my family and my job unto your hands may you protect my life….may you protect my family and may you protect my job….God you are the giver of everything bless me…and may i overcome all the challenges of life that are coming my way….i believe you will grant me all in Jesus name i pray and believe…..amen

  6. Comment : Marry mother of GOD pray for us sinners that as we em berg on our journey may you help us to reach the final destination to the father through your son Jesus christ ,help us mother to be holy so that we may also be holy in the presence of our father Amen

  7. Holy Mary, Mother of God. Please intercede for me and my family.First of all, I would like to give thanks and praise for all the blessings that you have bestowed on me and my family. I thank you, Lord! I thank you for your answered prayers, esp. For my friend Rob and his health. Please continue to work through him Lord. Through this experience, may it help him to recognize you and that his faith in you continue strengthen and grow each day.
    Please also pray for peace: in the world, our country, in my family, and in my heart.
    Please pray for all those who are facing difficulties in their lives, especially for my friend Jeff. Whatever difficulties/challenges they are facing. May bitterness and negativity not reign their hearts, but rather true peace.
    Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, may I be able to find a full time and stable job.
    May I have the courage to get over my fear of driving. Please Lord, please give me the strength and wisdom in learning how to drive. Thank you, Lord.
    Please Lord watch over those who are affected by wars and natural disasters (floodings, earthquakes, fires, and so forth). Please watch over them and protect them. Amen.

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  8. O Mary our Mother you have said You are the Mother of all please pray for the unbelievers who are suffering needlessly , help them in their belief and trust to come to know You O Mother and your Beloved Son J esus
    open their minds, open their eyes and ears especially their hearts ‘so that Jesus may come in. May the prayers offered on their behalf touch them in a special way- IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY -AMEN

  9. All thanksgiving to our dear sweet Blessed Mother who has interceded time and again for my family. I have placed my dear youngest son into her hands. Dearest Mother I beg you to bring him back to the Church and help him to feel all the love that surrounds him.

  10. For all lost souls, and for the eternal rest of the departed, let us pray, in your holy name, Mary, Queen of Heaven, and Mother of God. Amen m.

  11. Jesus, I pray for my family – that all of them come back to the Catholic faith and start going to Church on Sundays. Praise You Jesus, Love You Jesus, Trust In You Jesus.

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