Born into a military family in 10th-century England, Oswald was a nephew of the archbishop of Canterbury, who raised him and played a crucial role in his early education. Oswald continued his studies abroad in France, where he became a Benedictine monk.

Following his appointment as bishop of Worcester, and later as archbishop of York, he founded monasteries and introduced many reforms. He supported—and improved—scholarship at the abbeys he established, inviting leading thinkers in such fields as mathematics and astronomy to share their learnings.

He was widely known for his sanctity, especially his love for the poor. The final winter of his life was spent at the cathedral in Worcester that he so loved. At the start of Lent in February of the year 992, he resumed his usual practice of washing the feet of 12 poor men each day. On Leap Year Day, February 29, he died after kissing the feet of the 12th man and giving a blessing. The news of Oswald’s death brought an outpouring of grief throughout the city.

Almost immediately after his death miracles were reported at his funeral and at his tomb. His remains were translated to a different burial spot in the cathedral ten years after his death. His feast day is celebrated on 28 February except in Leap Years when it is celebrated on the 29th.

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  1. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE DOWNER FAMILY – I WROTE about our many situation before, especially for the younger ones who seems to be unwilling to come to God. – Thank you

  2. St Oswald, I humbly pray for your intercession for help with the discord and unchristian behavior within our family. Please help us to heal and for our children to not be too scarred nor tainted towards the Holy Sacrament of marriage due to the poor example they were exposed to…our Benedictine abbey and Church has prayed for us. Please help with our family and our spiritual community. In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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