Saint Pacificus of San Severino, born into an esteemed family in the Marche of Ancona, central Italy, eventually devoted his life to the spiritual path by joining the Friars Minor. Upon ordination, he spent a brief period teaching philosophy before embarking on a notable career as a preacher.

Pacifico was known for his rigorous ascetic practices. His diet was minimal, consisting only of bread, soup, or water. In addition to this, he wore an iron “hair shirt” as a symbol of his penance and devotion. Among his peers, he was particularly revered for his unwavering commitment to poverty and obedience.

Tragedy struck when Pacifico was 35, as he was afflicted by a debilitating illness, causing him to become deaf, blind, and crippled. Instead of despairing, he channeled his suffering, offering it for the redemption of sinners. Miraculously, many who sought his blessings and intercession experienced healing. In addition to his miraculous abilities, Pacifico played a pivotal role as the superior of the friary in San Severino. His legacy was formally recognized when he was canonized in 1839.

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  1. Ecce Crucem Domini!
    Fugite partes adversae!
    Vicit Leo de tribu Juda,
    Radix David! Alleluia!

    Saint Pacificus of San Severino, pray for us. Especially for celibacy, obedience, poverty of the clergy, to reinforce their role as willing participants in a life of sacrifice, with ascetic self-denial. Help us to offer our prayers, sufferings, good works as a means of grace to achieve this abiding sanctity in their vocations. Amen.

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