Fr. Barron comments on Why Exorcism Films Still Fascinate –

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  1. The movie “The Exorcist” didnt affect me much, except when the frat boys behind me threw up. I wont see “Blair Witch”, “The Devil Within” or any of these ridiculous movies. I make my own movies of entities threatening my favorite priest, and the Dominican the Archdiocese sent me to ( Im pro birth control and pro choice – issues) I have more indisputable “evidence” than anyone as my entities speak in full sentences and respond to what I ask.
    Especially when I say the prayers of deliverance.
    While I have trouble with Catholic teachings, I rely upon these teachings and prayers because I am a warrior – unfortunately I am also female, which in the Catholic world, means I am nothing.
    I know the reality of the supernatural. My cats know the reality of the supernatural. My family knows, and anyone who questions can visit my art room.
    However, the church has completely failed me in understanding and “ridding” these entities. I know one is never “free” of these things, but one nights sleep would be nice.

    • I’m sorry I don’t understand, unfortunately I am a woman which means I am nothing, wasn’t Joan of Ark a woman and a warrior, The Blessed Mother, and all the saints that are women.. I too have had many evil ones in my mind, and you can’t make me believe they were just my imagination.. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that someone comes to your rescue..

  2. In reply to Sharon’s comment that women are are “nothing in the Catholic world” is simply not true. In the journey of my Catholic faith I have learned more of the reverence of the grace of courage given to women throughout biblical history. It is the age of modernism that has reduced the dignity of women to just objects of the perversion of desire .Surrenderig ourselves to the will of our Lord opens our heart to an understanding of the Catholic faith.You cannot understand matters with worldy reason.It holds you back.To me it’s just another tool that Satan uses to prevent us from continuing in our faith. Just look at all the scandals in the Catholic Church today.Just proof that satan and his army are hell bent on destroying the church and Jesus’ followers.All you need is a simple prayer to Jesus. He knows what ails us.He will open doors.

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