In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph explains why the cloud seen by Elijah after his battle with the false prophets has always been seen as a type of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Ave Maria!

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  1. Thanks for the lesson. This is the first of yours that I’ve seen and am looking forward to going back and watching your previous ones in this series.

    I’m struggling in the study of Mariology as a Catholic but specifically through the eyes of my Protestant brothers in Christ. Some Protestants are dishonest and coarse in their attacks on the Catholic faith, but others have thoughtfully pointed out some things that intensify lingering questions and hesitations I’ve had regarding some Catholic teachings, one being a group of issues surrounding the veneration of Mary. So it’s time I look into these things rather than continuing through life in my ignorance.

    I rate this lesson as a “Hmm. This is very interesting!” And interesting it is. I’m glad I found this website and shall explore as time allows. Thanks again!

    John T. Kartak (Facebook name: “ItsNo Good”)

  2. Thank you for the inside on ‘Mary & the cloud of Elijah’. I’ve just read 1King but never know as what you explained. It certainly enrich my understanding in the OT.


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