Naples witnessed an astonishing miracle of St. Januarius, the city’s patron saint, when a relic of his dried blood preserved in a glass vial transformed into a liquid state. This yearly occurrence took place during a Mass on the saint’s feast day, a tradition that dates back to 1389.

“The liquefaction of St. Januarius’ blood is more than a historical event,” said Archbishop Domenico Battaglia of Naples. “It’s a vivid testimony, speaking to the heart of every believer.”

The gathered crowd at the Naples Cathedral erupted in applause as Abbot Vincenzo De Gregorio declared, “We have just taken from the safe the reliquary with the blood of our patron saint, which immediately completely liquefied.” The demonstration was further affirmed when the glass ampoules were displayed, revealing the liquid state of the blood.

However, Archbishop Battaglia emphasized that this miracle is not a mere prediction tool for the city’s fortune. He noted, “The blood of St. Januarius is not an oracle. Instead, it’s a beacon, directing us to embrace the Gospel’s teachings.”

Reflecting on the daily injustices in the world, Battaglia said, “I dream of the day when this blood remains forever solid. A day when justice prevails and the teachings of Jesus Christ resonate in every heart.”

This unique phenomenon, which also happens on December 16 and the first Saturday of May, remains unexplained by science, even though experts have confirmed the presence of real blood in the phials. Local beliefs hold that if the blood fails to liquefy, it’s an ominous sign of impending calamities.

In reverence of the miracle, the relic will be available for public veneration at the Cathedral of Naples until September 26.

Saint Januarius, pray for us!


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