In a heartfelt appeal from Vatican City, Pope Francis once again voiced his deep concern over the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip and urged for an immediate cease-fire in the region.

Addressing the faithful in St. Peter’s Square after praying the Sunday Angelus, the Pope’s message shared the heavy toll the war has taken on both Israeli and Palestinian populations.

Pope Francis said “I carry in my heart every day, with pain, the suffering of the populations in Palestine and in Israel.” The war had led to thousands of casualties, including a significant number of children, and have displaced countless individuals, causing widespread destruction.

The pontiff questioned the effectiveness of the ongoing war in achieving peace, asking, “Does one truly think of building a better world in this way?” He passionately called for a halt to the violence, urging, “Stop, please! Let us all say: Enough, please! Stop!” The plea was met with strong support from those the faithful, who applauded the Pope’s call for peace.

Pope Francis also emphasized the importance of continuing negotiations for a cease-fire, stressing the need for the immediate release of hostages and the provision of urgent humanitarian aid to civilians.

He also reminded the faithful not to forget the people of Ukraine, who are enduring their own crisis, saying, “Please let us not forget the martyred Ukraine, where every day many people die. There is so much sorrow there.”

Pray for peace!


Editorial credit: Alessia Pierdomenico /
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