Pope Francis has been closely monitoring the situation in Gaza, especially amid the recent war, expressing his solidarity and concerns directly to the community.

As tensions rise, Pope Francis has reached out to assure the region’s small Christian community of his prayers and support.

Father Gabriel Romanelli, the parish priest of Gaza’s only Catholic parish, received two notable phone calls from the pontiff amidst the unfolding chaos. The Pope’s outreach signified a beacon of hope for the Christian minority, which numbers merely around a thousand in an area predominantly inhabited by 2.3 million Muslims.

In a conversation reported by AgenSir, Fr. Romanelli shared, “The Pope called me a few minutes ago”. He added that Pope Francis expressed his “closeness and offered his prayers.” This sentiment was not just felt by Fr. Romanelli, who is currently in Bethlehem, but resonated with the entire Christian community amidst the Israeli raids and Hamas terrorist attacks.

On the challenges faced by the Gaza parish, Fr. Romanelli noted that while the broader area has been impacted by the raids, the Christian community hasn’t reported any fatalities or damage so far. However, with over 770 deaths and 4,000 injured reported in Gaza as of Tuesday evening, the situation remains precarious.

Fr. Francesco Patton, OFM, Custos of the Holy Land, expressed his growing concern about the future of Gaza’s Christians, mentioning in an interview with Vatican News, “I fear that because of the war, the risk is that the Christian community in Gaza will disappear.” He added that although “the Christians are safe in this moment, we don’t know the evolution during the next days.”

The Pope’s outreach is a testament to his commitment to global peace and unity. “Yesterday I spoke with Pope Francis who showed me his closeness and his prayers,” shared Fr. Romanelli.

In these trying times, the community continues its prayers for peace, gathering every evening since the onset of the conflict to pray the Rosary.

Pray for peace!


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