In an address at the 2023 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Pope Francis passionately spoke about the crucial topics of climate change and children’s welfare.

The two-day event, hosted in New York, saw participation from global leaders, including former US President Bill Clinton and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Pope Francis, joining remotely from Rome, stressed the importance of collective action. “We are living through a changing epoch,” he remarked. “Only together can we emerge from it better… only together can we Heal the World.” His words were a compelling reminder to prioritize the most vulnerable, especially children.

Bill Clinton, initiating a dialogue with the Pope, questioned, “What are ordinary people supposed to do… to make our societies better?” Pope Francis responded with a call to nurture a “culture of dialogue, a culture of listening and of understanding.”

A major highlight of the event was the Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital’s commitment to providing free care to children in dire need. The Vatican-owned hospital, known to many as “The Pope’s Hospital”, has become a beacon of hope, combining advanced scientific research with profound humanitarian care.

Pope Francis urged everyone to remember the urgency of the times, advocating for diplomacy over war.

“No to war,” he emphasized, calling for a united approach towards tackling global challenges, including climate change.

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