Catholic Apologetics

No Apologies #1 – Introduction

Fra Joseph Mary gives his first show on apologetics with no apologies. This series will have a Marian emphasis and be geared for beginners, that is, the youth and young adults to help them learn to defend their faith. But with his clear and pleasing delivery, Fra Joseph should gather a large following from all ages and walks of life. In this episode Fra Joseph gives a quick explanation of the series, a definition of apologetics and then discusses how Charity and Humility needs to be combined with knowledge of doctrine in order for us to become effective apostles of the truth.

No Apologies #2: Prefigurements of Mary in the Old Testament

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph discusses the nature of Biblical typology, its validity and how it can be applied to lend support for the Marian dogmas of the Church. Come learn about Mary in the Old Testament.

No Apologies #3: Ark of the New Covenant

Continuing his discourse on Old Testament prefigurements of Mary, Fra Joseph shows the many ways Mary is like the Ark of the Old Covenant, and how this gives biblical evidence for the Catholic Marian doctrines of the Immaculate Conception, Divine Maternity, Perpetual Virginity. Come watch this interesting video and see how Mary is the fulfillment of this most important of Old Testament symbols.

No Apologies #4: Mary is the New Eve

Fra Joseph continues his series of apologetics with No Apologies as he describes Mary as the New Eve who crushes the head of the serpent and thus contributes to the salvation of man just as the first Eve contributes to his down fall. Listen to this video as Fra Joseph explains how Jael and Judith play this role of serpent crushers and thus prefigure Mary who does the same with Her seed whom she bore through obedience.

No Apologies #5: Mary as Queen Mother

Fra Joseph Mary presents Mary as the queen Mother of Jesus and thus as the most powerful intercessor in heaven before Jesus on our behalf. Watch this video as Fra. Joseph relates the Old Testamtent figures of King Solomon and Bathsheba, to Jesus and Mary.

No Apologies #6: Queen Ester as Type of Mary

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph explains how Mary's salvific role is prefigured in the Old Testament by Queen Ester who saves her people from certain destruction. Let Fra Joseph take you on a fascinating journey into salvation history.

No Apologies #7: Rebecca As A Type Of Mary

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph explains how Mary’s is prefigured in the Old Testament by Rebecca who is a "type" of our Lady.

No Apologies #8: Old Testament Types of Mary

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph looks at 3 Old Testament types of Mary: Noah's ark, Jacob's ladder, and the burning bush seen by Moses.

No Apologies #9: Mary and the Cloud of Elijah

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph explains why the cloud seen by Elijah after his battle with the false prophets has always been seen as a type of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

No Apologies #10: The Divine Maternity

In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph takes a look at the 1st Catholic Marian Dogma: That Mary is the mother of God. This teaching is called "The Divine Maternity"