Cosmic origins

No Apologies #21: The Prime Mover

The ascent of the 6 steps that leads to Catholicism begins with proving that God exists. Today we take a look at one of the arguments based on the motion and change that we see in the universe.

No Apologies #22: Uncreated Being

In this argument for the existence of God we look at creation and ask "Where did the very first thing come from?" Since it's impossible for anything to create itself out of nothing, there must be someone outside of the nothing to bring it into existence: God.

No Apologies #24: Miracles and The Problem of Evil

Miracles are a legitimate proof for God's existence while the reality of evil is not a proof for His "non-existence."

No Apologies #25: Step 2 – Man Has A Soul

In step 1 we've seen that God exists. Now we want to show that man has a soul and this soul is destined to live forever.

No Apologies #26: The Soul Is Immortal

Based on mans' "built-in" sense of moral obligation and sense of justice we can reason to the immortality of the soul.

No Apologies #27: The Soul Is Immortal (Part II)

Man's natural desire for happiness is a proof for the soul's immortality.

No Apologies #28: Obligation of Religion

Religion is an act of justice towards our Creator. The two main obligations of religion are prayer and obedience.

No Apologies #29: Objections To Prayer

This vlog responds to some common objections to prayer: Doesn't God already know everything I need? Despite the prayers of many, disasters and evil are everywhere. Isn't this proof that God doesn't hear our prayers?

No Apologies #30: Introduction of the 4th Step

The "4th step" to Catholicism is to prove that of all religions, Christianity alone is worthy of belief.

No Apologies #31: Defense of The Creator

In this episode of No Apologies, Fra. Joseph gives a defense of a Creator.