Who’s In Hell?

Who's actually in Hell? The answer may surprise you...

Why Confess Your Sins To A Priest?

Why Confess Your Sins to a Priest? Isn't Christ the only mediator between man and God?

Why Do Catholics “Worship Mary”?

Hint: They don't. Father Nixon explains the relationship Catholics have with Mary, the Mother of God

Evangelize The World

Sharing good news with people you love - that's what evangelizaiton is all about.

Does The Catholic Church Have Too Many Rules?

Rules. Rules. Rules. People can tend to look at religion as merely a rule book on living a good life, but is that what religion is really all about?

Reflection on 9/11

Fr. Barron reflects on 9/11, on anger and forgiveness.

Is God Angry?

Atheist critics claim that the God of the Old Testament is angry and violent. Is this true? 

The Curse of Broadmindedness

There is no other subject on which the average mind is so much confused as the subject of tolerance and intolerance.

Why The Fidget Spinner Is A Terrible Analogy For The Holy...

Bad analogies for the Trinity are everywhere, and they give people a false understanding of the nature of God.

Why Doesn’t Jesus Just Reveal Himself to Everyone?

Jesus could easily prove his existence to all people by just appearing to all people... but why doesn't He?