Lent: Why We Fast

We don’t do it because we think that some good thing like food or technology are bad. We do it because we recognize that we are bad and need to overcompensate to become good.

Did Pius XII Prophesy About a “Church Which Remains Silent and...

A "church which remains silent and weakens the Law of God" is the price for tolerance by the Secular State, warned Pope Venerable Pius XII 70 years ago.

How to Have a Good Time: Every Catholic Needs to Read...

In an increasingly secular, busy, and hectic world how can Catholics "have a good time?" Venerable Fulton J. Sheen gave the answer in a 1957 sermon.

What Is the Odor of Sanctity? The Pleasant Smell of Saintly...

Osmogenesia, the odor of sanctity, is the fragrance of saints - a perfume-like scent gifted for their lives of extraordinary virtue.

Did Mary Have a Midwife at the Birth of Jesus?

Midwifery is an ancient profession, considered invaluable since antiquity. Did Mary have a midwife present at the birth of Jesus?

What Are the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

What are the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit? The gifts are supernatural qualities "specially intended for the sanctification of the person who receives them."

What Is the Meaning Behind the Names of Three Archangels?

In the Bible, we see humans rebuffed when asking for the name of an angel. What then do the names of the Archangels God has chosen to reveal to us mean?

Why Is Saint Valentine the Patron Saint of Love?

On his feast day, the 14th of February, we celebrate with signs of affection towards our loved ones. Why is Saint Valentine the patron saint of love?

This Catholic Priest Was Executed by the Nazis for Telling a...

The Church is full of martyrs that gave witness until death. One of these is Father Joseph Muller, executed for telling a joke criticizing Hitler.

Why Aquinas Didn’t Finish His Summa: The Vision of Heaven That...

What caused Thomas Aquinas to call his life's work, the Summa Theologiae, nothing more than "straw" and leave it unfinished?